TFG offers a full suite of E-commerce and CNP (card not present) acquiring solutions portfolio that are fully. compliant with PCI-DSS requirements. Such solutions are mostly hosted and white-labeled and include:

Hosted Checkout page for card and alternate payments

Recurring payments


Fraud and risk management

Ecommerce acquiring processing

Hosted Checkout page for card and alternate payments:

The payment page is offered as a white-label option for Ecommerce acquiring banks. Merchants of such acquiring banks can incorporate such page in their e-commerce shop to offer a broad range of payment methods and to easily achieve full PCI/DSS compliance. During the checkout process consumers are redirected by the merchant to the Hosted Payment Page and enter their sensitive payment data in a secure environment hosted and managed by TFG in alliance with its partners. This integration option provides a fast, secure and PCI-compliant acceptance of cards and alternative payment options while minimizing the impact of security requirements and regulations on the merchant.

Key features of the checkout page includes:

•  Easiest and fastest implementation: Online merchants can quickly and easily implement TFG’s payment page, either connecting directly to major shop systems or via ready-made plugins which support all standard shop solutions.

•  Universal payment gateway: TFG’s Checkout Page offers payment method coverage across both traditional card payment methods as well as localized alternate payment methods such as non-proprietary cards, direct debit, mobile wallets, etc.

• Secure payment transactions: The hosted payment page is in accordance with the PCI requirements of the PCI Standard Council for secure payment transactions. Without exception, all payments undergo comprehensive risk management verification, such as 3D secure, and are processed in real time. For every transaction, both customer and retailer receive confirmation of successful payment

•  Retailer-specific payment processes: Individual payment processes can be implemented on the Checkout Page. Immediate debits, deferred debits, recurring/subscription payments and multiple payments from one authorisation (multiple captures): these are just some of the supported options. All functions can be automated or combined with specific manual processes

Other key capabilities of the payment page include:

•  3D-secure Merchant Plug-in capable

•  DCC (Dynamic currency conversion) & MCP (Multi-currency pricing) capable .

•  Multi-acquirer routing capable:

Recurring payments:

Are an option that allows customers to make card ad other method payments automatically at regular intervals. Popular applications for recurring payments include regular billing, subscriptions, etc. TFG’s recurring payment solution provides best-in-class holistic recurring payments configuration and processing capability with modules extending from payment scheduler and payment processing gateway to merchant’s self-service offering to its customers through call-in, internet or walk-in channels.


TFG’s MOTO solution specifically addresses the need of merchants that offer contact center-based payment options to their customers. The solution includes contact center agent portal as well a comprehensive backoffice workflow and processing system that helps MOTO transactions to be processed in line with general procedural and security requirements. MOTO functionality is provided through a web-based user interface that enables the merchant's staff to enter the consumer's payment details. Used predominantly in call centers for accepting mail order/telephone order payments or for manual exception handling.

Fraud and risk management:

A comprehensive range of fraud prevention, early warning and detection mechanisms is available to protectCUSTOMER and its merchants throughout the whole life cycle of their own customer relationships. Thecombined use of various different methods and customer-specific control systems allows defining fraudprevention routines specifically tailored to the client’s needs.TFG, in alliance with its partner, provides internal software solutions but also connects to specialized national and internationalservice providers (e.g. credit rating agencies, negative databases etc.). The individual results of all checks(internal and external) can be merged through customized scorecards and sent back to CUSTOMER’smerchants (e.g. containing a credit limit and/or recommended payment method etc.) and/or the acquirer’sauthorization system.

Ecommerce acquiring processing:

TFG’s ecommerce acquiring processing, offered in alliance with a strategic partner, is the only processing capability available in the country that is capable for addendum date or level III data processing, which is essential in case of key ecommerce merchants such a airlines. Such acquiring processing capability is available for Visa, MasterCard and China Unionpay.