TFG is the most high-profile provider for POS Merchant Acquiring solutions in the country. with specialist and proven capabilities for EFT terminal infrastructure. The group partners with all acquiring banks in the country for their POS merchant acquiring businesses and has supplied and supports up to 90% of the card acceptance infrastructure in the country. It is also the only provider with local support capabilities for EFT terminal infrastructure (hardware & software) including a local support and repair facility that serves not merely customers in the country but also in the region.

Key solution offerings of TFG for financial institutions’ POS merchant acquiring include:

  •  EFT terminals

  •  MPOS

  •  EFT terminal applications

  •  Local support and repair facility

  •  Compliance and certifications

  •  Network Access Controller (NAC)

  •  POS acquiring network security

  •  POS network managed services

  •  Branch POS/Kiosks

  •  Other POS acquiring-specific capabilities

EFT Terminals:

TFG has deployed and manages nearly 90% of the EFT terminal population in the country Terminal offerings include multiple models of countertop, portable and kiosk-based EMV and PCI-compliant GPRS, Ethernet and Dialup terminals.


Recently introduced in the country, MPOS provides an alternate to traditional EFT terminals with added advantage of allowing porting of both merchant’s business and POS payment applications on a device and with specialist applications such as line busting for crowded supermarkets, home delivery sales, etc. The offering comes as a complete solution stack including MPOS devices, retail software adapters, certified payment applications and payment gateway for enabling transaction processing.

EFT Terminal Applications:

TFG is currently the only provider for 100% locally developed EFT terminal apps for nearly 90% of such terminals deployed in the country. These applications certified merchant card acceptance for Visa, MasterCard, China Unionpay, Cash management, Branchless Banking, Loyalty and Alternate Acquiring apps.

Local Support & Repair Facility:

With 100% localization for support of its EFT terminal infrastructure solutions, TFG operates a high-end EFT terminal infrastructure support and repair facility in the country, the only one of its kind that promises fastest and low-cost support.

Compliance & Certifications:

TFG also specializes in attaining certifications for different elements in the POS acquiring infrastructure including terminal apps certification with different programs of payment schemes such as Visa’s ADVT, MCI’s MTIP, Unionpay’s CUPIC, etc.

Network Access Controller (NAC):

NACs help manage EFT terminals and bridge between terminals deployed with the merchants and acquiring processing systems. TFG provides both onsite and hosted NAC services for its customers.

POS Acquiring Network Security:

PCI-DSS compliance necessitates for banks to implement encryption and other data security capabilities in their POS acquiring infrastructure. TFG provides both NAC-resident and NAC-independent encryption solutions that help reduce the scope of PCI compliance for acquiring banks

POS Network Managed Services:

Leveraging on its nationwide support infrastructure, TFG also offers POS network managed services to financial and non-financial acquirers including onsite EFT terminal deployment, complaint log center (with dedicated toll-free numbers), onsite repair and replacement provisioning, paper roll replenishment, etc.

Branch POS/Kiosks:

Financial institutions are now using EFT terminals and associated infrastructure for no merely merchant acquiring but also for purpose of improving efficiency of their branch operations. Additionally, EFT terminals are also being used for cash collection and disbursement services both within branches and agent locations. This also includes biometric authentication capability embedded with card acceptance capability of the EFT terminals.Transaction services automated by TFG for financial institutions include: cash withdrawal, cash/cheque deposit, fund transfer, utility bills payment, mobile topup, instrument issuance (pay order, etc).

Other POS Acquiring-Specific Capabilities:

In addition to capabilities mentioned above, TFG also specializes in other aspects of EFT terminal infrastructure including terminal management services and acquiring processing services for Visa, MasterCard and China Unionpay.