TFG provides services for financial issuing and integrated non-financial issuing and acquiring including: .

Cards production and personalization

Card hosting

3D-secure issuer authentication

Cards production and personalization:

TFG is a trusted provider for personalized and pre-personalized magstripe and chip cards for various financial institutions in the country including most of the largest card issuers

Card hosting:

TFG also provides card hosting services for non-financial issuers bundled with integrated proprietary acquiring solutions. Such non-financial issuing includes loyalty, prepaid and proprietary payment cards. Key components included within such offering include:

     1. Card hosting including card lifecycle management and authorization workflows

     2. Card production and personalization

     3. Card accepting terminals and terminal applications

     4. Ecommerce acceptance/redemption and recharge gateway

     5. Managed services for card issuance and terminal network

3D-secure issuer authentication:

3D-secure programs offered by different payment schemes help secure ecommerce transactions and significantly reduce fraud associated with ecommerce transactions. TFG, in alliance with its partners, provides hosted 3D-secure enrollment and authentication servers for enabling issuers to offer 3D-secure programs to their cardholders. Schemes and their 3D-secure programs supported include:​

• Verified by Visa for Visa:

• SecureCode for MasterCard

• SafeKey for American Express ​