With a holding company structure, TFG operates through three majority-to-fullyowned operating companies including:

Holding company

TFG Holdings: Holding company of the group with majority to full ownership in all operating entities.

Operating companies:

» Marshal Engineering & Electronics (Pakistan) Limited.

» Epay Pakistan (Private) Limited.

» TFG Ventures (Private) Limited.

» MPay (Private) Limited.

Marshal Engineering & Electronics (Private) Limited.

Oldest group company operating since 1993.

Exclusive partner of VeriFone, Wirecard & Others.

Helped Citibank launch the first payment card in Pakistan.

Provider for:

» EFT-POS and E-commerce merchant acquiring solutions

» Branch POS/Kiosks and POS-based cash management solutions

» Card hosting & 3D-secure issuer authentication solutions

» Non-financial acquiring and issuing solutions (loyalty, prepaid, fuel card, etc)

» Switching and aggregation services

» Financial networks integration

MPay (Private) Limited.

Pakistan’s largest third party merchant acquiring & technical field support service provider currently

managing the POS networks for Habib Bank, one of the largest acquiring banks in Pakistan as well as

Pakistan State Oil & Shell Pakistan.

e-pay Pakistan

Joint Venture with e-pay Malaysia, largest mobile pre and post-payments processor globally

Services all five Mobile Network Operators and six of the largest Commercial Banks in the country.

TFG Ventures

TFG Ventures focuses on three key areas: Incubation hub of the group for new venture

development in the areas of electronic payment services and internet properties. This also

includes angel investment from the group as well as assistance with strategic marketing for

the target markets. Capital advisory, wherein TFG Ventures offers advisory services for

capital hunting primarily for the technology and financial services sectors including

companies incubated through its own hub. Direct investment fund management, where the

group is working on setting up of a Pakistan-focused direct investment fund (private equity)

targeting the technology sector. The fund would have a major focus on technology

infrastructure projects for electronic payments and internet properties.